About Us


Between school and the military, Rick & Kim moved a lot during their early years of marriage. While they had very little money to decorate, they did want to have a nice looking closet that stayed organized. Their solution was to place a corrugated plastic pipe over the beat-up closet rod and combined it with matching hangers. The result was a clean looking, organized closet that didn’t cost a lot of money.

Today, the team at SpaceCadet™ offers the same opportunity for customers to “dress up” their closet on a modest budget.


SpaceCadet™ sleeves are specially designed to fit most hangers, keeping them evenly spaced while improving closet functionality and aesthetics. Available in a range of colors, SpaceCadet is a great way to beautify a closet and keep it looking clean and organized!

A portion of company profits are donated to help the National Coalition for Homeless Vets (NCHV).