1. What is the SpaceCadet™?

SpaceCadet™ is a simple device that allows you to transform and organize your clothes quickly and keep them looking neat.


 2. How do I use the SpaceCadet™?

Place the SpaceCadet™ sleeve onto your closet rod, open along the seam and press down, working from one end to the other. Once positioned, rotate the seam away from you and hang clothes. (See video)


 2. What are the measurements of SpaceCadet™ sleeves?

Each sleeve segment is approximately 20 inches. Each box consists of 5 SpaceCadet™ sleeves, covering slightly over 8 feet.


3. How well does the SpaceCadet™ stay on closet rods?

SpaceCadet™ stays in place. The weight of the hangers and clothes holds everything in place.


4. Will the SpaceCadet™ work with my hangers?

SpaceCadet is designed to work with most hanger types.


5. How do I remove the SpaceCadet™?

Removal of the SpaceCadet™ sleeve is just as easy and does not damage the existing closet rod. Just remove clothes and hangers and gently lift SpaceCadet off the rod, working from one end to the other.


6. I'm moving soon! Is the SpaceCadet™ reusable?

Absolutely! SpaceCadet™ is reusable.