How To Install

How to install SpaceCadet:


Here are some quick tips on how best to install:

●      Remove all hangers from closet rod to be covered with SpaceCadet™. 

●      Place sleeves, end to end, leaving no gaps.  Cut last sleeve segment as needed to fit, cutting one additional groove longer (to prevent segment from being too short).

●      Use sharp scissors or knife.  Cut in center of groove (valley) for best appearance.

●     To apply: Open the seam (slit) on sleeve and gently press over closet rod.  

      Start at one end and work towards the opposite end, until fully installed.

●      If seam is visible, rotate sleeve so that the seam faces back of the closet.

●      Once SpaceCadet™ is in position, place hangers (with clothes) in grooves, with spacing as desired.