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SpaceCadet Closet



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Easy to install and helps you evenly space out your clothes to instantly give your closet a more aesthetic and organized appeal.

Each bundle comes with 5 sleeves in 20 inch segments for a total closet coverage of over 8 ft. Cut with scissors to customize exact length.

Moving? No problem! SpaceCadet’s flexible design allows you to easily remove and reinstall at your new location.

Made from specially formulated recycled polyethylene (plastic) that is super-flexible, BPA-free and environmentally friendly.

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SpaceCadet™ Product Details


SpaceCadet is specially made from recycled polyethylene (plastic) that is BPA-free and formulated with additives to make it super-flexible and radiating a luxurious satin finish.

SpaceCadet has a longitudinal split (“slit”), allowing it to be easily fitted over most clothes rods. The sleeves may be cut with sharp scissors to the exact segment length needed for the user’s closet. Segments are designed to be placed back-to-back, between support brackets holding the clothes rod.


4 color options available (Metallic Black, Pearl White, Mahogany Brown, Brushed Nickle)

BPA-free and flexible

Removable for reuse


Each segment is 20 inches long

Each box contains 5 segments, made to fit an 8-ft closet.

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